A groundbreaking approach to treating arthritis in children has been developed by a research team at King’s College London.

Key points:Researchers have created a novel system of physical therapy that combines physics principles with an integrative approachThe system involves using the principles of the four-dimensional world, such as gravity, in order to change the way people are able to heal and heal wellSource: King’s Thesis, Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of LeicesterThe new technique involves using a combination of physical therapies, such to using the principle of gravity to change how people are capable of healing and healing well.

The approach was developed by King’s School of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Kings College London and the Centre for Advanced Science and Technology, the UK’s leading scientific research organisation.

It was designed to improve physical therapy by allowing patients to use the physics principles of gravity and other principles to create an ‘unbeatable’ physical experience.

Dr Shari Dufort, lead author of the study, said:”We have developed a novel technique for the treatment of arthritis using the theory of physics.”

The technique is based on a three-dimensional environment where gravity and forces interact to change a person’s abilities to heal.””

The key to our approach is the concept of integration.

This allows us to apply these principles to different physical tasks, so that they can be combined to create a holistic approach to physical therapy.”‘

We have created this world’Dr Dufont said the concept was based on the work of renowned physics professor Sir Isaac Newton.”

We use the principles and laws of physics to understand how the world works,” she said.”

Our approach involves using our understanding of gravity, and the interactions between gravity and the human body to change that behaviour.

“This allows us, through this process, to change our physical ability to heal in a very tangible way.”

If you are able or can heal effectively, you are healing, and your physical ability will increase, and this can be very important for those who suffer from arthritis.

“The researchers behind the research believe the technique can be used to treat all types of arthritis including osteoarthritis and osteoecological conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.”

In a similar way to other types of physical rehabilitation, we have used our knowledge of gravity-based therapies, to help us change our understanding and ability to manage joint pain,” said Dr Dufon.”

With this new approach, we can change how we do physical therapy in order for our patients to be able to better manage their arthritis.”‘

The future of medicine’Dr Rhea Smith, Director of the Centre at King, said the research would help pave the way for the future of physical medicine.”

Physicians are working in a world where there are no clear boundaries, and that has a lot of implications for medical care, she said.””

We are working to change this world, and we hope this new treatment can help us to do that.

“Dr Smith said the treatment would be used by more than 3,000 patients a year.”

A lot of people have arthritis, so this is a significant breakthrough.

“For the first time in our history, we are able the patients can now heal more effectively than ever before, which is really important for the wellbeing of patients.”

Find out moreThe University of Southampton, King’s and the Department of Orthopaedics and Kinesiology at King have all supported the research.