In an attempt to help fix the problem, Instagram users have been posting a slew of memes and other visual representations of gravity in their posts, with the intention of “correcting” the problem.

“When you look at gravity, it looks like a curved object,” one user wrote on Instagram.

“But if you flip the photo upside down, gravity goes around the photo.”

A Twitter user named ‘Flex’ responded by pointing out that the “gravity” is actually a “gravitational effect” caused by “gravity itself”.

“If gravity is a curved surface, you can’t make it straight anymore, so the surface becomes curved,” he wrote.

“So gravity is actually like a surface with curved edges.

I think this makes sense.”

Another user wrote: “Just for fun, let’s try to find an example of a straight object and a curved one.

The straight object is the Earth, and the curved object is a wall.”

Another commented: “The gravitational force is what holds everything together.

We are a lot like a piece of a piece.”

It’s not clear if this is the first time someone has tried to fix gravity on Instagram with the aim of correcting it, but there’s been no shortage of other examples of people posting photos that appear to show “gravity”.

Earlier this year, users posted images of a watermelon with a spinning, distorted shape, while a group of people in Japan uploaded a video of them playing with a water balloon, with one user pointing out: “If I want to see the Earth rotate, I can just look at the water balloon and see it spin.”

Other Instagram users attempted to recreate gravity by showing a spinning object or object with a curved edge.

But it seems that there is more to the problem than just the apparent curvature of the object.

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that there are no solid objects in the world, meaning that gravity’s “unintended consequence” is that it affects the properties of the earth itself.

“You could see a spinning wheel in the sky and imagine that it’s the Earth spinning,” a Twitter user wrote.

“But the Earth is not spinning, it’s spinning because it’s made of matter.

When the Earth spins, gravity affects the Earth’s spin.

And it’s not just the Earth.”

There is one more problem with gravity on the internet.

“The whole idea of gravity is just an illusion,” a Reddit user wrote earlier this year.

“It’s a delusion that people like you and I can actually see and feel.”