In what could be a turning point in his legal battle with his ex-wife, a man accused of raping four women will face court for the first time since a court martial in December.

Key points:Michael Cote is alleged to have slept with at least five women, but has not been charged over the alleged offencesThe court martial was suspended after two women told the court the allegations were falsePolice have not been able to interview any of the women since thenThe woman who spoke to the ABC said she was sexually assaulted in the early hours of the morning of December 21, 2016, when she went to bed after her shift.

“I was in my room, but my room was empty, so I went to go to bed,” she said.

“When I came back to my room I saw my husband and then my ex-husband.”

Ms Cote’s former wife told the ABC she was a sex worker and had had sex with at, and without, her husband.

“He said he wanted to sleep with me because I was the sex worker,” she told the TV show 20/30 Man charged with rape of toddler after he stole his dad’s phone for three daysThe man has been charged with raping a four-year-old girl he met on a dating app and leaving her with a broken toy.

Key Points:The boy said he was sexually abused by Michael CoteThe boy has been found safe and wellThe boy’s mother is seeking answersThe man, who has not yet been charged, was arrested in February and is due to appear in a Melbourne court on November 13.

Mr Cote has denied all allegations against him.

The court heard the boy’s parents were concerned about his mental state.

“The boy was taken into care and he was very anxious and scared, particularly because he was in his father’s care,” Ms Molloy said.

The boy told the family he was afraid of being separated from his father.

“His father was a violent man and he abused him,” she added.

“But his father was just trying to get his own life together, he was trying to live on his own.”

So his parents were very worried about him and they contacted the police.

“The girl said she had a “terrible time” during her time with the man and that she feared she was going to lose him.”

That’s when I thought maybe he had a problem,” she alleged.

The ABC has spoken to a number of people who have said they were sexually abused as children.

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