“I’m just happy to be out here, playing golf.

You can’t say that about anyone else.”

But while he’s happy to play golf, Woods also has a few words of advice for those who have the misfortune of falling in love with the game.

“There are a lot of people that think that they’re going to be the first to win the championship and they’re not,” he said.

“If you’re going down and getting down, there’s going to come a time when you’ll just have to say, ‘I’m sorry, I’m done.

I’m not going to do this anymore’.” ‘I’ve never felt like this before’ After winning a second straight major title, Woods says his experience of winning a third is “totally different”.

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way before,” he added.

“The first time, it was a completely different emotion.”

‘Not sure how it will be’ Woods has not yet had time to reflect on the success he’s achieved, but said the focus was on the future.

“I’ve got so much to live for.

I’ve got a lot more to live and achieve,” he told Sky Sports News HQ.

“It’s going great.

I think it’s the first time that I’ve been really positive about the fact that I’m going to have a long career and that’s going be an exciting time.”

I don’ know how it’s going.

It’s a bit strange.

I don’t know how I’m feeling right now.

I know I’ve never been like this, but it’s been really good.

“And I just hope that I do get to go out there and play.

It would be great.”

‘My mind has been focused on the game’ The former world number one has also been working on his golf game, although the focus on the road is now a distant memory.

“All I can think about now is my mind has gone to the game and the game has gone back to me,” he explained.

So I don’ think I’m ever going to think about golf in the same way again.”