A male doctor who is seen in the wrong body has faced the wrath of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) over the issue.

The AMA has warned that it is “extremely concerned” by the situation and called for a “thorough and transparent” investigation into the incident.

The chief medical officer of the AMA’s Australian Medical Board (AMBA) Dr Alan Fenton told a parliamentary committee on Tuesday that the case of Dr John Millington was a “complex issue”.

He said it was “particularly concerning” because the AMA was working with Dr Millingson to determine whether his concerns about the issue were valid.

The former GP was a former member of the GP Board, which is currently chaired by Dr Fenton.

“The medical board is in contact with Dr Fason and Dr Milington,” AMA Health Minister Professor David Johnston said.

“We are currently undertaking a thorough and transparent investigation to determine what happened and what we can do about it.”

It is extremely concerning that the AMA has raised this issue with us.

“He said the AMA had “no tolerance for” the practice of treating female doctors.”

I am very disappointed with the way in which Dr Mitington’s story has been reported,” Dr Johnston said, adding that the association would work with Dr Wylie to ensure the “safety of all medical staff”.”

There is a process to ensure that medical staff who have concerns are provided with the information and support that they need to deal with their concerns.”‘

He did it’The AMA says the incident happened in November, 2016.

Dr Millingtons claim the incident occurred because a female doctor in his practice “had a history of inappropriate behaviour” with male colleagues.

He said that the woman was “not a doctor in the field of psychiatry” and that he did not know how to treat her because she had a history.”

There was no medical reason that he was treating her, and I was told that the GP board did not want to discuss the issue with him,” Dr Mutterington told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

So the woman left me for another GP.

“He claimed the GP was “stirred up” by Dr Mellington’s “outrageous” behaviour, which was the reason he was “shocked” by what happened.

Dr Johnston said the incident was “extremely concerning” and called on Dr Mittington to take “appropriate action”.

He added that “appropriate actions” had not yet been taken.’

I think it’s important that people know what happens’Dr Milingons claims that he “did not have the skills” to treat a female patient.”

He did not have a good working relationship with my staff and he treated them with inappropriate disrespect,” he told ABC radio.”

That was the real reason he had a conflict of interest with my patients.

“He added: “It was quite frightening for me because the woman had a long history of treating male patients.

“Dr Mittingons claims the woman “was not a doctor” in the clinical field of psychology and that Dr Wearington had asked him for advice.”

She was not trained to treat male patients, she had no experience of male patients and she didn’t have the experience of treating females,” he said.

He also claimed he was unable to “handle” the “incident” himself.

Dr Fenton said he was aware of the incident, but that the incident did not affect the AMA.”

This was a complex issue, a very complicated situation that we’ve got to sort out and it’s very disappointing that this has come to the attention of the medical board,” Dr Feson said.

Dr Wearingson, a GP from the Queensland University of Technology, said he had “a bit of a problem” with Dr Johns behaviour.”

As a doctor, I would have been shocked if someone had done something like this, I think it was just quite appalling,” Dr Wearson told ABC television.”

But I think that it’s also very important that the public know what goes on behind closed doors and what happens in the world outside of the hospital.

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