On the surface, the Saints look set to take over the New Orleans Saints franchise.

They’ve been given permission to use the NFL’s new concussion protocol to train their team, and the players will be trained under the league’s new head, Sean Payton.

However, the team’s new coach, Sean McVay, is also an avid physical therapist, and has already been involved in the process of rehabilitating a player. 

McVay’s physical therapy work has also been used in the Saints front office. 

When the Saints hired McVacay as the team owner in 2018, he also had experience working with players in the trenches.

The team was known for its heavy emphasis on the running game, and in the mid-2000s McVacy was hired to coach running backs.

When he took over the Saints in 2018 after the retirement of coach Sean Payton, McVachals job was to prepare the team for the NFL.

He took a lot of hits to the head, and was also involved in helping out with other players.

McVadys involvement in the rehabilitation of former Saints running back Adrian Peterson was a source of great pride for the team, as Peterson had previously suffered a concussion during a game and had been unable to play the following year. 

Peterson’s rehabilitation was a topic of conversation at the time, as he was still battling to recover from the injury.

When Peterson returned to the field in 2017, Mcvay immediately brought in Peterson to work with him in the preseason.

McVays new hire has also helped to improve the team in the locker room, with a number of players on the roster being mentored by him, including quarterback Drew Brees, and running back Alvin Kamara. 

A lot of McVas mentorship has gone into improving the players physical condition, and his work on running backs is one of the reasons he is so popular in the organization.

While McVays physical therapy sessions are not without controversy, he is still an accomplished practitioner of the discipline.

Mcvays work is still in its early stages, and he is expected to start work on a new rehab program in the near future.

A new head coach has also become a source that McVady has been involved with since the team hired him.

With new head coaching hire, Kyle Shanahan, the focus has shifted to the Saints offensive line, which has been one of Mcvady’s most popular areas of focus.

Mc Vady is known to have worked with some of the best linemen in the league, including former Seahawks guard Alex Boone, former Cowboys offensive lineman Evan Mathis, and former Rams offensive tackle Anthony Castonzo.

Mc vady also has helped the Saints with the training of running back Mark Ingram, and is also working with him to develop the running back in his own system.

The Saints have also been very patient in the past with Mcvary’s work. 

In 2017, the former Saints tight end showed great promise in the pre-season, and while his work with running backs did not match the expectations, Mc Vay’s work was very encouraging for his development. 

The Saints are now looking to McVace to work as a full time player, and are also expected to be able to take a player who has played just under 100 snaps for the Saints this season and turn them into a regular contributor.