The NFL has seen a massive surge in hate speech over the past few years, and while the league hasn’t seen a spike in racial slurs or threats, the league has seen plenty of racial abuse and abuse of racial epithets against its players.

The league is currently dealing with a wave of racism from players and coaches in their locker rooms, and the league is taking swift action to address the issue.

Players like Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott have been fired after saying that he would not go back to college to play for a black team in the NFL, while offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil was kicked off the Miami Dolphins for making racist comments during an interview with a TMZ reporter.

But the league isn’t taking much of a stand on the issue of hate speech, at least not yet.

“The league is aware of the concerns about hate speech and racial abuse, and will continue to address those concerns and work to ensure that we are creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for our fans and employees,” a league spokesperson told ESPN.

“As always, we encourage fans to report any misconduct, including hateful conduct, to our Anti-Harassment and Safety department.”

That’s an acknowledgement of the league’s concerns, but it also comes as the league and the NFL Players Association have both stepped up efforts to combat racism in the workplace.

“We have worked closely with our leadership team to identify systemic and institutional barriers to inclusive workplace culture, and we will continue this effort to ensure we are addressing the systemic and systemic issues that contribute to the unacceptable levels of racism and harassment in the sport of professional football,” the NFLPA said in a statement on Tuesday.

“In light of recent incidents of hate crime, we are working to address this issue and are confident that our collective work will continue.”