The NFL has been forced to change its practice of using physical therapy for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

The NFL and its partners have been accused of not doing enough to help athletes during the lockout.

In the past few months, the NFL has had to pay more than $20 million to athletes in a settlement that also paid them medical bills.

It is the first time that the NFL, the NBA, the National Hockey League and the NFL Players Association have been jointly named as defendants in a class-action lawsuit brought by former players.

The lawsuit alleges the leagues were negligent in their handling of player injuries.

The lawsuit filed in federal court in New York City was filed on July 1 by former NFL players and former trainers.

They alleged the leagues failed to properly diagnose and treat injuries to players.

The suit says the leagues didn’t do enough to prevent the onset of concussions, the development of traumatic brain injuries and the subsequent decline in performance, and that they failed to educate players and coaches about the risks of concussive injuries.

It says the NFL and NFLPA failed to take steps to ensure that players who experienced concussions were properly treated and rehabilitated.

It also alleges the league and its employees violated their fiduciary duty to the players, as well as the U.S. Constitution.

The suits seeks to force the NFL to pay back the money the leagues paid to the injured players and to establish compensatory damages for the plaintiffs.

The lawsuits also asks the courts to declare that the league is not liable for the injuries suffered by the injured athletes.

The lawsuits seeks to bar the NFL from retaliating against the plaintiffs for pursuing the litigation.

In its complaint, the plaintiffs allege that the leagues did not disclose to players that they could have suffered brain injury and that there were no effective treatments to prevent it.

The plaintiffs also allege that NFL teams knew that concussions could occur and failed to prevent them.

The league declined to comment on the lawsuit.

In a statement, the league said it “will continue to implement best practices and continue to provide our players with the best possible medical care.

The concussion protocol was updated in 2018 to include an updated and revised diagnosis for players and their coaches to ensure the best chance for recovery.”

The plaintiffs in the class-actions lawsuit are represented by the Center for Constitutional Rights and the Center to Protect Patient Rights, two groups that have filed concussion lawsuits against the NFL.

The group said the lawsuit was filed without any notice to the plaintiffs, the former players or the NFLPA.

In their lawsuit, the attorneys say the leagues are liable for failing to protect the health and safety of former players because of negligence and for failing “to communicate with the affected individuals and to offer timely medical and/or other support services for those who needed it most.”